2015 March 20 16:06

BW LPG announces delivery of VLGC Vermilion First

BW LPG Limited has taken delivery of the Very Large Gas Carrier (‘VLGC’) Vermilion First to be renamed, BW Sakura, the company said in its press release.

BW LPG had exercised the purchase option on the vessel on 2 March 2015. Nicholas Gleeson, CEO of BW LPG commenting on the purchase said, "Addition to our fleet of owned vessels through exercise of options on chartered-in vessels is one avenue to growth that is particularly valuable when tonnage availability is tight. We have a number of opportunities to add to the fleet this way at attractive prices in the coming years."

Vermilion First has been on a time charter with BW LPG since the acquisition of the charter from AP Moller-Maersk in 2013. Built in 2010, with a capacity of approximately 77,324 cubic metres, the vessel will fly the Isle of Man flag and be classed by DNV. The vessel will continue to be available for spot and CoA cover.