2015 March 19 17:57

LPG Europe Summit 2015 in Amsterdam to focus on current LPG market trend and outlook

A major event for the industry - LPG Europe Summit will be held in Amsterdam, June 24-25, 2015. During an interactive two day program, ACI’s LPG Europe summit will bring together the major stakeholders of the industry to discuss and evaluate the direction of the LPG market in Europe, the event organizer ACI Europe said in a media release.

and a lot more.

LPG Europe will be attended by leading companies, LPG producers, traders and distributors, storage terminals - LPG carriers, OEM (passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy duty vehicles, petrochemical companies, Service & Technology providers, as well as consultants, regulators, researchers and academia.

ACI with a thorough research on the topic and market will bring together the right companies and the best professionals to share their “job story”, which has an exceptional value for the players of the industry. We are proud to announce that in our LPG Summit, we are going to examine a lot of aspects of the market in practical terms.