2015 March 16 10:21

RS: technical design review

On 24 February 2015, a seminar took place at the Head Office of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), which was dedicated to the interaction between RS and design companies during technical design review, RS says in its press release. The seminar was organised in cooperation with NAPA, a leading software house for ship design and operation.

The action was participated by the representatives of design companies and scientific organisations from St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia.

During the seminar, NAPA’s key performance capabilities were considered including such spheres as hull modelling, hull-structural design, hull hydrodynamic parameter and stability assessment. Besides, the participants of the seminar discussed the ways for calculation documents transfer between a design bureau and RS using the software complex, as well as protection of the transferred information from unauthorised access.

Shipyards, design offices and engineering companies hope for their drawings and calculations to be reviewed by RS within a shorter time and with no compromise on quality and safety. The RS transition to NAPA for stability calculation from 2015 will enable RS to improve the data exchange process, optimise time expenditure for classification service and serve its clients even better. NAPA product introduction by RS may also promote the adaptation of this modern software to the Russian market.

Partnership seminars organised by RS are aimed at maintaining close cooperation with enterprises within the branch in the feedback mode.

NAPA software is used to assess and approve various calculations, such as stability calculations, as well as to verify statutory compliance during design review of a newbuilding project or during existing ship modernisation.