2015 March 13 16:31

Containerships announces improved sailing schedule for spring - summer 2015

Containerships introduces revised and enhanced sailing schedule designed to increase coverage and ensure improved delivery times. The new schedule provides increased capacity on the busiest sailing routes, the company said in its press release.

"We continue to invest in our network and are proud to introduce a second call from Lübeck, with the launch of our new schedule from the beginning of April. We like to invite our clients to benefit from improved coverage, even better transit times and frequency on various trade lanes and wish to thank you for your continued support" : Containerships CCO R. Winter comments.

Main service improvements are related to the following strings:
• Improved frequency from Helsinki to UK , BENELUX and Germany
• Increased capacity from Riga to UK and BENELUX
• Additional weekly call from Lübeck to St. Petersburg and Helsinki
• New direct services connecting Lübeck with Riga, Teesport with Aarhus and Riga with Aarhus
• Better frequency and lead time from South UK to Baltics, Finland and Russia
• Aarhus - St. Petersburg service improved departure day Thursday to ensure pick-up on Monday and offer shorter transit time of 4 days

The new rotation will come fully into force within April.

To guarantee above mentioned service benefits ports of Pori and Sheerness will no longer be part of Containerships vessels rotation.
Pori call will be suspended until further notice, last call taking place on 13.03 with Aila AIL119/AIL120. Cargo currently moved via port of Pori will be rerouted via Helsinki.

Southern part of UK will be served via port of Tilbury with further transhipment in Rotterdam providing multiple weekly departure options as well as improved transit times. Last call in Sheerness will be performed during April. More detailed information about Sheerness / Tilbury service will be communicated separately later on.