2015 March 12 14:17

Overhaul of LASH carrier Sevmorput to be completed in February 2016

Retrofitting of nuclear-powered lighter / container carrier "SEVMORPUT” (Northern Sea Route) is scheduled for completion in February 2016 and the vessel will re-enter service, the Minister of Transport and Roads of the Murmansk region Dmitry Sosnin said at the international conference "Transport and Logistics in the Arctic-2015".

Earlier it was reported that the completion of the LASH carrier overhaul was slated for 2017.

From December 26, 2013, the vessel was at the dock of Roslyakovo based “82 Shiprepair Yard” where the vessel undergone preparation for further full-scale overhaul. Drydocking of the LASH SEVMORPUT was completed on January 26 2014 and the vessel returned to the berth of Atomflot.

The decision to overhaul Sevmorput was taken in late 2013. The LASH carrier was commissioned into service on December 31 1988.

The vessel will perform commercial tasks, including the so-cold Northern deliveries of basic commodities to remote regions of the country's North, participation in the development of the shelf and Pavlovsky lead / zinc ores deposits based on Novya Zemlya. The vessel will be tasked to ensure the deployment and presence of Russia's military groups in the Arctic, rebuilding of the entire infrastructure of air stations and ports located on Siberian Islands, Franz Josef Land and other regions of the Far North of Russia.