2015 March 11 15:41

Cargo volume handled at Ukraine's Port of Odessa in January-February rose 4.2% to 4.2 million tonnes

Shipments of import, export and transit cargo through the terminals of Odessa Commercial Sea Port in January-February 2015 increased by 4.2% compared to the same period a year earlier, to 4,253,580 tonnes, the Authority of Ukrainian Seaports said.

In February, 3 of 7 major terminal operators handling dry bulk cargo (excluding containers) increased freight volumes. LLC Brooklyn-Kiev, the operator of facilities at Grain Harbor (handling bulk grain, rolled ferrous metals and crude ore) loaded to vessels 510,600 tonnes (+ 20%).

LLC Novotekh-Terminal", the operator of berths No No 22, 25-26 at Voyenny Mall (shipments of metal, grain in bulk, citrus and bananas) handled 177,000 tonnes (+ 92.4%).

LLC MetalsUkraine Corp (Berths No 7-8 at Bakaleynaya Waterfront, transshipment of ferrous metals, crude ore, general cargo) handled 220,900 tonnes (+ 63.1%).

Odessa, Ukraine based Port of Odessa is one of the largest ports of the Black Sea-Azov basin. The major stevedore operating at the port is state-owned Odessa Commercial Sea Port. The port's throughput capacity is 14 million tonnes of dry bulk cargo and 14 million tonnes of liquid bulk a year. The Odessa Marine Passenger Terminal can accommodate 300-m-long vessels. In 2014 cargo throughput at the port of Odessa rose 6.1% to 24.5 million tonnes.