2015 March 11 12:41

Rosgranitsa defines limits of marine border port-of-entry post at the Port Magadan

The Federal Agency for Development of the State Border Facilities of the Russian Federation (Rosgranitsa) in its order No 15-OD (01.19.15) has approved the boundaries of the marine cargo / passenger permanent multi-lane Port-of-Entry post of the Port Magadan, Rosmorport said.

There are 5 berths of Rosmorport's Magadan branch within the established POE limits in the Port Magadan, which is 42% of the total number of berths in the port. All berths of Magadan branch within the boundaries of the port of entry post are leased out to a terminal operator handling inbound, outbound and transit cargo.

According to the 2014 year-end results cargo throughput at the seaport of Magadan exceeded 1.3 million tonnes.