2015 March 2 14:28

United state order should cover entire shipbuilding in Russia, Russia's Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin says

United state order should cover the entire shipbuilding in Russia including defence and civilian shipbuilding to integrate all the plans on the development of offshore facilities, marine equipment and icebreaking fleet. According to the press center of Primorsk Territory authorities, this was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during his working visit to Zvezda shipyard in Bolshoi Kamen.

“Everything should be scheduled year-by-year and the orders should be kept out of going outside the country. The development of offshore fields should be better suspended but it should be of domestic origin. Money should stay in the country,” Dmitry Rogozin emphasized.

According to him, the company should be fully engaged with work up to the end of the year so that it could commence implementation of specific plans on production of marine equipment from January 1, 2016.

According to Primorsk Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky, at the initial phase, the shipyard will invite specialists from Germany and S.Korea. “However, we are training our own specialists and expect that the staff will contain 60% of the locals with the rest of employees to be attracted from other regions,” he said.

Shipbuilding comlex Zvezda is being created in Bolshoi Kamen within the framework of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center. The first phase is to be completed in 2016, the second and the third – in 2018. The production is to be launched in the first quarter of 2016. The complex is supposed to build vessels for the development of hydrocarbon fields on the Arctic shelf.