• 2021 January 21 12:36

    UECC opening doors to a sustainable future

    Those who have been following the development of sustainable shipping will recognize the UECC name. Those who have been following UECC will know why: with two duel-fuel LNG ships on the water and three battery-hybrid LNG vessels on the way, UECC is making investments that make it possible to see a path to sustainable shipping.

    These moves have put UECC far ahead of compliance requirements for emissions reduction. CEO Glenn Edvardsen explains the thinking behind the investments: “We are aware of the climate challenge that the world is facing, and we know it is everyone’s responsibility to try and make a difference. This also means helping others if you can. UECC is trying to provide the possibility for green transport so that our customers can join in and make a difference. That is our motivation. We genuinely want to provide this alternative.”

    The first best choice

    For UECC, that means that acting now. “We can’t just wait twenty years for the optimal solution,” Edvardsen states. “When we built the dual fuel vessels, we knew that LNG would not be the ultimate future fuel, but it is the best available option now.” UECC is banking not just on LNG as fuel, but also on the infrastructure supporting duel fuel. “We can use LNG, but also synthetic oil or biogas, to mention only a couple of alternatives. The present structure allows for progress in several possible directions.” The same pragmatic thinking applies to the batteries on their new ships, Edvardsen says: “They will not be for pure propulsion, but they will allow us to take the next step, to squeeze even more transport out of the fuel we burn and reduce emissions even further.”

    While UECC is confident of its choices thus far, Edvardsen is on guard against inertia. “We know well enough what we have to do, but we don’t want to become complacent. We will continue to try any good option.” Still, he observes, no company can afford to throw money at every new idea. “The interim solution needs to be viable too. There are many decarbonization solutions already available, but they might not be sustainable. Some of the potential solutions can be very expensive, so we need to work at making the smart choices.”  

    Emissions gaining currency

    Edvardsen relates that emissions have become a part of contract negotiations. “Every potential customer sends us emissions paperwork to fill out. They are eager to understand the emissions picture, and they are logging and documenting it for use in meetings and audits. They are feeling the pressure from their own customers and from regulators, so it comes back to us being able to help them,” he says.

    “It would not be hard to get them onboard if there were no price tag. We can provide them the opportunity to join us, and we are doing this as competitively as possible,” Edvardsen confirms. But change never comes free: “Everybody has to be willing to contribute. It’s more about sharing the burden. The payoff is being able to lower emissions. That’s what they will achieve.”

    Team spirit driving progress

    Owners Wallenius Lines of Sweden and NYK of Japan are enthusiastic backers of UECC’s green initiatives. “It is UECC’s mission to be the sustainable leader in the short sea segment. That is the company vision, and our owners are very supportive of this effort,” Edvardsen reports. “Wallenius has a long tradition of taking the lead on sustainable issues. It’s in their DNA, not only this time around but historically. NYK is the same, a big company with strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance going forward, and they stand fully behind our efforts to reach sustainability. It helps to have such good support. All the sudden there are three of us in the game.”

    To compliment their supportive ownership, Edvardsen tells that UECC strives for a proactive, inclusive culture: “Many of our initiatives are bottom-up. Whenever our people see something of interest, they bring it up. We are proud that we can motivate everyone in the UECC organization to take the initiative. We have a team of highly motivated, qualified, dedicated and smart people, and they know we need to make this change together. For us, that’s what makes it fun to come to work.”

    The view from in front

    Edvardsen notes that UECC continues to build advanced vessels while others in the segment are not building at all. “We take a long-term view on things. We know not everything will pay off tomorrow, but we believe in what we are doing. We accept that the one in front needs to work a little harder. Even if not everyone is following now, we know this is the only way forward.”

    He trusts that markets will reward this attitude: “Stakeholders along the whole supply chain have become very well informed. The level of engagement is different today from what it was only a few years ago, and the awareness curve is steep. People understand that someone has to make the first move if we are going to see real change.”

    A call to action

    “A lot has happened with sustainability in a little time, but we are not there yet. We have no option but to continue, and the industry needs to embrace this,” Edvardsen maintains. “Shipping has been talking about the green shift for years. Now we have to put words into action. If we don’t make a change now it will be too late.”

    While acknowledging the urgency of action, he cautions against making perfect the enemy of the good: “It’s important not to try and do everything at once. We have to find motivation in doing what is possible now and building on that. The biggest mistake you can make right now is not doing anything.”

2021 February 25

11:04 “K”Line commences technical management of Singapore’s first LNG bunkering vessel “FUELNG BELLINA”
10:33 Telemar wins 50-vessel service and maintenance contract with Fairplay Towage group
10:21 MABUX: Bunker market this morning, Feb 25, 2021
10:13 BC Ferries releases its third quarter results
09:59 CMA CGM implements FAK rates from the Mediterranean, Adriatic, North Africa & Black Sea to the Indian Subcontinent
09:50 BC Ferries' fifth battery hybrid-electric vessel launched
09:28 Oil market sees mixed price movements
09:12 Baltic Dry Index as of February 24

2021 February 24

18:06 Parkwind selects DEME Offshore for foundation EPCI contract at Arcadis Ost I
17:47 Ministry of Transport of Dagestan looks into organizing sea cruise tourism in Caspian Sea
17:26 ABS to class first ever Jones Act wind turbine installation vessel
17:16 Yangtze River Protection Law will come into force on 1st March, 2021
16:59 Admiral Kasatonov frigate of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet performs long range campaign tasks in Aegean Sea
16:28 Port of Antwerp deploys autonomous drones for safety enforcement
16:15 DFDS aims for greener ferries from alternative fuel project
15:51 Mordraga supports 4th International Congress “Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging” as its Sponsor
15:29 Maersk backs plan to build Europe’s largest green ammonia facility
14:25 Vostochnaya Veft shipyard starts building yet another floating berth for RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet
14:03 Cargill and Maersk Tankers combine volumes and market expertise to launch new bunker procurement service
13:44 Chuvash Republic to be provided with RUB 330 million for purchase of river transport
13:12 Contractors selected to construct the quays in the Amalia Harbour
12:31 Port of Oakland cargo volume off due to crowded ports
12:27 Corvette Stoyky of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet entered Oman on business call
11:57 Bureau Veritas joins the coalition for the energy of the future
11:23 MPA joins industry in ammonia fuelled tanker JDP
10:31 MABUX: Bunker market this morning, Feb 24, 2021
10:28 ASPO tests main propulsion plant of chemical tanker PortNews
10:09 The Grimaldi Group orders six ro/ro multipurpose vessels
09:27 Crude oil futures go down in response to growth of US resources
09:20 MPA and Yara join to Ammonia-fuelled tanker Joint Development Project
09:11 Baltic Dry Index as of February 23

2021 February 23

19:35 Braemar to repeat record-breaking voyage of Corinth Canal in 2022 with new cruise unveiled by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
16:19 Cutter Thetis returns from a 43-day Caribbean Sea patrol
15:11 Meyer Werft starts construction on Arvia for P&O Cruises
14:18 The Coalition for the Energy of the Future unveils its first seven concrete actions and welcomes three new members
13:35 New JOSCAR accreditation: UK office approved for UK defence projects
12:08 MABUX: Bunker market this morning, Feb 23, 2021
11:21 Port of Gdansk lands first delivery of post Brexit fish

2021 February 22

15:12 Hamworthy Pumps wins pump contract for new Royal Navy frigates
13:37 Atlantic Shores announces monumental six-union agreement to train and hire New Jersey union workers
12:24 APM Terminals Algeciras reaches all employees with a safety campaign
11:43 USCG medevacs man from tug boat 60-miles off Grays Harbor
10:37 MABUX: Bunker market this morning, Feb 22, 2021

2021 February 21

14:51 Port of Oakland names Julie Lam CFO
13:22 Guy Cowan takes helm at Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd
12:16 ABP gains international ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification
11:04 JAX LNG and TOTE Services conduct their first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering of a foreign-flagged vessel at JAXPORT
10:53 Missing yacht found near Whangarei

2021 February 20

18:05 Sevmorzavod shipyard launches starboard pontoon for floating crane of Project ПК-700
16:59 The Panhellenic Crew Union to launch a 48-hour strike at the port of Piraeus in Greece
16:20 Average spot market price for Russian M100 product climbed to RUB 21,600 pmt
15:03 Conrad hosts steel cutting ceremony for GLDD
14:37 Busan Port's chain portal is introduced as a best practice in port digitalization
14:13 Rail subsidiary Metrans to expand network through investment in Hungary
13:48 Government of Finland proposed extension to validity of ships’ crew qualification certificates
13:06 Crowley integrates Jensen Maritime into new Engineering Services Group
12:54 Professor Horst Linde: Container terminal in Świnoujście will fill the gap between Hamburg and Gdansk
12:12 NAVTOR acquires vessel analytics and performance specialist Tres Solutions
11:13 NIBULON launches its sixth non-self-propelled NBL-91 Project vessel
10:49 LNG carrier Christophe de Margerie arrived in Sabetta