• 2021 January 15 17:29

    OCEAN Alliance Day 5 Product signing ceremony

    It has been four years since the commencement of the OCEAN Alliance. The quality of service and the development with our customers are always our priorities. The Day 5 Product, with an improved and optimized global network based on Day 4 Product, intends to deploy an estimated capacity of 333 vessels with an aggregating capacity of 4.10 million TEUs.

    "Benefiting from the economy of scale from mega ships, OCEAN Alliance would further strengthen our service offer, with more comprehensive coverage, faster transit time, and better service integrity".

    The year 2021 is deemed to be full of opportunities and challenges. OCEAN Alliance is always pursuing the constant improvement and optimization of our product to better serve your business through wider coverage, better schedule integrity in the following services:

    20 Transpacific services (with 13 Asia - West Coast North America services, 7 Asia - East Coast North America and U.S. Gulf services)

    7 Asia - Europe services
    4 Asia - Mediterranean services
    3 Transatlantic services(including one Non-OA loops)
    4 Asia - Middle East services
    2 Asia - Red Sea services  

    7 Asia - Europe services:
    The OCEAN Alliance maintain 7 service loops, provide weekly 7 Asia to the Netherlands loops, 5 Asia to Germany loops, 5 Asia to Belgium loops and 5 Asia to the United Kingdom which are most competitive product on comprehensive coverage and high-frequency service in the market. Based on COSCO SHIPPIING’s regional Hub Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Gdansk, our feeder network can further extend to Spanish Bilbao, Ireland, and Baltic region like Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Lithuania and Russia.

    AEU1: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Felixstowe-Zeebrugge-Gdansk-Wilhelmshaven-Piraeus-SUEZ Canal-Singapore-Yantian-Shanghai
    AEU3: Tianjin-Dalian-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Singapore--SUEZ Canal-Piraeus-Rotterdam- Hamburg-Antwerp- Rotterdam-SUEZ Canal-Shanghai-Tianjin
    AEU7: Xiamen-Nansha-Hong Kong-Yantian-Cai Mep-Port Kelang-Suez Canal-Piraeus-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Zeebrugge-Felixstowe-Suez Canal-Singapore-Hong Kong-Xiamen

    AEU2: Tianjin-Busan-Ningbo-Shanghai-Yantian-Singapore-Suez Canal- Le Havre-Dunkirk-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Southampton-Malta-SUEZ Canal-Port Kelang-Tianjin
    AEU6: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Yantian-Singapore-SUEZ Canal- Tangier-Southampton-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Le Havre-Tangier-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Jebel Ali-Port Kelang- Qingdao
    AEU5: Kaohsiung-Qingdao- Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Yantian-Tanjung Pelepas-SUEZ Canal-Rotterdam-Felixstowe-Hamburg-Rotterdam-SUEZ Canal-Colombo- Tanjung Pelepas -Kaohsiung
    AEU9: Tianjin-Ningbo-Shanghai-Yantian-Singapore-Colombo-SUEZ Canal-Antwerp- Hamburg-Rotterdam-Piraeus- SUEZ Canal-Port Kelang-Tianjin

    4 Asia- Mediterranean services:

    4 express services: 2 West Mediterranean Express provides competitive transit time between Far East and Italy, Spain and South France, 1 dedicated Adriatic Express and the unique direct service to Black Sea. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean service is further enhanced 12 Piraeus feeders and the China-Europe Rail Express service, which provide rapid and smooth connection to hinterland like Czech Republic, Hungary to the north and Egypt to the south, Spain to the west, and on top of above, new feeder services will be established for Israel and North Africa separately to provide reliable services.

    AEM1: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Yantian-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Piraeus-La Spezia-Genoa-Fos-Valencia-Piraeus-SUEZ Canal -
    Colombo-Singapore-Hong Kong-Qingdao
    AEM2: Qingdao-Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Yantian-Singapore-SUEZ
    Canal-Malta-Valencia-Barcelona-Fos-Genoa-Malta-Beirut-SUEZ Canal-
    Jeddah-Jebel Ali-Port Kelang-Xiamen-Qingdao.
    AEM3: Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo- Xiamen-Shekou-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Port Said West-Beirut- Istanbul Evyap (Izmit)-Istanbul Ambarli (Avcilar)-Constanza-Odessa-Piraeus-Port Said West-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Port Kelang-Pusan
    AEM6:Shanghai-Ningbo-Pusan-Shekou-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Malta-Koper-Trieste-Rijeka- Port Said West-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Port Kelang-Shekou-Shanghai

    20 Transpacific services

    9 Pacific Southwest services

    The PSW services provide comprehensive coverage in Far East, including Northern, Central, Southern China, Taiwan, South Korea and key countries in Southeast Asia to the major ports in the Southwest North America. Within the 9 PSW services, we provide five weekly services from South China, four weekly services from North and Central China, four weekly services from Southeast Asia. Each loop enables us to provide the leading transit time in different sectors as well as the most efficient solutions to our clients.  

    AAS2: Nansha- Yantian-Xiamen- Los Angeles-Nansha

    CEN: Tianjin-Qingdao-Shanghai -Prince Rupert- Los Angeles -Seattle-Tianjin
    SEA2:(AWE5)-Port Kelang-Singapore- Laem Chabang-Cai Mep-Yantian- Los Angeles -Oakland-Yantian-(AWE5)
    AAC2:Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo- Los Angeles -Oakland-Pusan-Qingdao
    SEA:Kaohsiung-Cai Mep-Nansha-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung- Long Beach –Kaohsiung
    AAS3:Taipei-Xiamen -Hong Kong- Los Angeles -Oakland-Taipei
    AAS4:(MEX5) – Port Kelang-Cai Mep-Hong Kong- Kaohsiung-Taipei- Los Angeles - Tacoma- Kaohsiung- (MEX5)
    AAC4:Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan- Long Beach -Pusan-Ningbo
    AACI: (AWE) - Port Kelang-Laem Chabang-Haiphong-Shanghai-Ningbo-Long Beach-Oakland-Lianyungang-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Yantian-Cai Mep-Singapore- (AWE)

    4 Pacific Northwest services

    The PNW services consist of four services to provide the unique and advancing connections between Far East and Northwest North America, by calling four key ports in the Northwest North America, Prince Rupert, Vancouver, Tacoma and Seattle. Connections to various Far East ports would enhance the efficiency and reliability of the PNW product.

    CPNW:Hong Kong-Yantian-Ningbo-Shanghai-Prince Rupert-Vancouver- Shanghai-Hong Kong
    OPNW:Shekou-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Vancouver-Seattle-Pusan-Kaohsiung-Shekou

    7 Asia - East Coast North America and U.S. Gulf services

    The AWE services provide direct links from China, South Korea and Southeast Asia countries to the major ports of East Coast North America and the US Gulf.

    AWE product consists of five USEC loops and two Gulf loops, of which five USEC loops covers various departures from Central, Southern China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia to New York and Savannah, etc in the East Coast of North America, including one Central China/New York express, one Southern China/New York express, one Central China/Savannah express, one Southern China/Savannah express and one dedicated service connecting Southeast Asia and East Coast of North America. The US Gulf product offers different Far East departures to the US Gulf destinations. In the meantime, offering tailor-made calls in the Gulf provides multiple solutions to our clients.  

    AWE1:Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-Colon-Savannah-Charleston-Boston-New York-Colon-Qingdao
    AWE2: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Qingdao
    AWE3: Xiamen-Kaohsiung -Hong Kong-Yantian -Colon-Savannah-New York-Norfolk -Baltimore -Xiamen
    AWE4: Cai Mep- Hong Kong-Yantian- Xiamen-Shanghai-Colon-New York-Savannah-Charleston-Cai Mep
    AWE5: (SEA2)-Yantian-Cai Mep-Singapore-Port Kelang-Colombo-Halifax-New York- Norfolk- Savannah-Charleston- Port Kelang- (SEA2)
    GME: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Houston-Mobile-Tampa-Shanghai
    GME2: Cai Mep-Singapore-Hong Kong-Shekou- Ningbo- Shanghai -Pusan-Houston-Mobile- New Orleans- Miami-Cai Mep

    3 Transatlantic services:
    The services provide direct connection between major ports in Europe and US including: Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, New York, Savannah, Charleston, Houston and Miami express. We keep improving customer experience by providing reliable and efficient service.

    TAE: Southampton-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Le Havre-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Charleston-Southampton
    EAG: Le Havre-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Charleston-Miami-Veracruz-Altamira-Houston-New Orleans-Le Havre
    MENA(Non-OA loop):Algeciras-Fos-Genoa-La Spezia-Barcelona-Valencia-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Miami- Algeciras

    4 Asia – Middle East services:
    OCEAN Alliance offer unmatched service in market by operating 4 loops. COSCO provide abundant space by deploying 20000TEU vessels in Middle East Trade. The highest frequency is provided: 4 weekly services from Central and South China, 3 services from North China, 4 weekly service to Jebel Ali and 3 services to Dammam. In 2021, we make further improvement on transit time by establishing fastest service to Sohar(18days from Central China to Sohar). Meanwhile, Middle East service is further enhanced by Abu Dhabi hub, which provide smooth connection to Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman and other Middle East countries. We provide leading service in the market as always.

    MEX: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Abu Dhabi-Dammam- Abu Dhabi-Port Kelang-Qingdao
    MEX2: Lianyungang-Qingdao-Shanghai-Hong Kong –Shekou-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Hamad-Dammam-Jubail-Abu Dhabi-Singapore-Nansha-Lianyungang
    MEX4: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shekou-Singapore-Sohar-Jebel Ali-Bahrain-Dammam-Singapore- Qingdao
    MEX5: (PSW8)-Kaoshsiung-Ningbo-Shanghai-Shekou-Port Kelang-Jebel Ali
    -Umm Qasr-Jebel Ali-Port Kelang-Cai Mep-Hong Kong-Kaoshsiung-(PSW8)

    2 Asia - Red Sea services:
    The Red Sea services connect major ports in China and S.E.A to broad coverage of Red Sea ports including Jeddah, Sokhna, Aqaba, Djibouti express. By using Jeddah as hub we can further reach more ports including Aden and Hodeidah.

    RES1: Tianjin-Qingdao-Ningbo-Nansha-Shekou -Singapore-Jeddah-Sokhna-Aqaba-Jeddah-Port Kelang -Ningbo-Tianjin
    RES2: Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Xiamen-Shekou-Singapore--Djibouti-Jeddah-Sokhna-Aqaba-Djibouti-Singapore-Shanghai

2021 June 18

19:30 Royal IHC hands over the second cutter suction dredger to Suez Canal Authority
18:02 Consolidated cargo turnover of NCSP Group in 4M’2021 fell by 18.7% YoY
17:39 Safety management of Sparta IV complies with the ISM Code
17:15 Oboronlogistics' Sparta III allowed to sail in Northern Sea Route waters
16:47 Acceptance/delivery certificate signed for non-self-propelled suction hopper dredger of Project 4395 built for Kama Basin
16:14 BIMCO publishes new standalone Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts
15:51 FESCO opened seasonal transportation to the ports of Chukotka
15:30 CMA CGM to enhance its BSMAR service connecting Black Sea & Turkey with Morocco
15:22 Production of Icon of the Seas began at Meyer Turku shipyard
14:56 Wärtsilä signs multiple vessel support agreement with Nakilat
14:53 Multipurpose Reloading Complex puts into operation two new 5-cbm clamshell buckets
14:17 Singapore: Seven start-up grant recipients announced at launch of Smart Port Challenge 2021
13:48 The Lepse floating maintenance base no longer poses a nuclear threat to the Arctic
13:21 GLDD agrees to $1 million fine
12:59 Rosatomflot organized icebreaker escorting of LNG carrier Nikolay Urvantsev
12:54 Stena RoRo takes delivery of the lengthened vessel Stena Scandica from the Turkish shipyard
12:30 CMA CGM announces Overweight Surcharge from Asia to North Europe
11:45 Number of lock through operations on Russia’s IWW rose by 2.81%
11:02 ATLAS A-CLASS new WTIV tailored for large-scale Wind Farm Installations
10:38 Glavgosexpertiza of Russia approves project of in-depth modernization of Onezhsky Shipyard
10:02 CMA CGM announces Hazardous Surcharge from Asia to North Europe
09:53 Port of Oakland posts results for Jan-May 2021
09:40 Baltic Dry Index as of June 17
09:24 Oil prices continue decreasing
09:07 MABUX: bunker indexes may decline on June 18
08:59 DNV launches new digital EEXI Calculator

2021 June 17

18:37 PD Ports commended with top ‘Gold’ award for ongoing commitment to health and safety
18:07 Maersk advises logistics planners on hurricane season preparation
17:40 Trials of innovative smart navigation marker at Stockholm Norvik Port
17:23 Remote surveys continue to gain momentum
17:16 Konecranes instills new Generation 6 mobile harbor cranes with a genetic code for the future
17:06 MABUX: Bunker Weekly Outlook, Week 24, 2021
16:55 Sovcomflot to pay dividends in the amount of RUB 6.67 per share
16:50 KARMOL's first Floating Storage and Regasification Unit has arrived in Dakar
16:48 GTT entrusted by Hyundai Heavy Industries with the tank design for four new LNG carriers
16:18 HEMEXPO President appointed as Vice-Chair of SEA Europe
15:13 10 consecutive months of positive year-over-year growth in Savannah
14:52 Grigory Zhelokovich appointed as General Director of Astrakhan Ship Repair Yard
14:33 Royal IHC carries out maintenance work for DMI on LCF frigates
14:13 On-shore power plant at Kiel's Ostseekai inaugurated
13:54 Volga Shipping Company completes transportation of equipment for windfarm under construction in Kazakhstan
13:33 MARINE INTERIORS, Cruise & Ferry Global Expo, powered by SMM 2021 cancelled
13:33 Kalmar’s new-generation RTGs ready to enable productive eco-efficiency for container terminals
13:12 DNV and Keppel Offshore & Marine sign collaboration agreement to develop hydrogen projects in Singapore
13:00 Russia’s State Duma passes bill on obligations of investors in seaports
12:11 Covenant Energy chooses Haldor Topsoe’s HydroFlex™ and H2bridge™ solution to produce renewable diesel with low carbon footprint
11:49 RF Navy’s frigate Admiral Makarov took part in a complex exercise in the Mediterranean Sea
11:30 Global Ship Lease announces agreement to acquire four ultra-high reefer containerships on multi-year charters
11:02 Konecranes launches new generation of energy-efficient mobile harbor cranes as global trade accelerates
10:57 Port of Salalah ranked 6th globally in efficiency
10:51 Oil market sees downward price correction
10:09 MABUX: bunker indexes may demonstrate upward changes on June 17.
09:53 Port of Riga sees timber handling growth
09:30 Baltic Dry Index as of June 16
09:12 Weathernews signs strategic partnership deal with Wärtsilä
08:09 New DNV research highlights 10 energy systems technologies that must work together to meet global decarbonization targets

2021 June 16

18:02 Brittany Ferries eyes zero-emission, sea-skimming ‘flying ferries’
17:41 Keel-laying ceremony held for lead icebreaking LNG carrier ordered by SCF from Zvezda for Arctic LNG 2
17:20 Port of Southampton boosts quayside infrastructure with new airbridge
16:42 Amphibious Energy and CORROSION join forces to launch the ICCP-POD