• Smart Ports Summit Barcelona

    Dates:   2019 November 19 - 2019 November 20

    Taking place at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Smart Ports Barcelona, in collaboration with the Port of Barcelona, brings you two days of discussion and debate on:

    • Smarter Port Operations:  What are challenges, priorities and new technologies which will enable ‘smarter’ operations of ports and terminals?
    • Digitalisation: In an increasingly digital world, how has this movement transferred to the shipping industry? What are the benefits for port and terminal operators? 
    • Automation: What should be automated in a port to improve operations? To what extent do automation processes have a tangible effect on port efficiencies? Can AI and predictive analytics be relied on?
    • Supply Chain Management: How to optimise the supply chain process? Should processes be centralised? How can data be shared more effectively? 
    • Accommodating different vessels: What are the varying requirements for different fleets; cruise, containers, gas and bulk cargo? How are ports and terminals adapting to changing market demands?
    • Connectivity: What technology should operators invest in to improve digital communication and e-navigation?

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