• International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference and Exhibition (ICOPCE)

    Dates:   2019 October 21 - 2019 October 24

    Digitalisation, smart ports and connected ships are having a profound impact on marine operations. Keeping pace with the evolution are spill modelling and monitoring technologies, which are equipping industry with new trends.

    Organised by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore; the International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference and Exhibition (ICOPCE) will spotlight strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of response strategies for chemical and oil cargos, against the backdrop of new tech, its deployment and regional collaboration.

    • Changing trade regimes and implications for oil and chemical shipping markets
    • Government initiatives and regional collaboration
    • Digital applications for prevention, preparedness, mitigation and monitoring
    • Oil terminals and storage perspective: Digital applications for early warning systems, to detect potential spills
    • Big data and analytics in oil spill prediction, modelling, and control
    • Bunker operators’ panel: Preventive, response and punitive measures during bunkering operations
    • Premium trends and what to expect in renewal renegotiations
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