• 6th Operating Specialist Wind Vessels Summit

    Dates:   2019 September 18 - 2019 September 19

    Offshore wind vessels’ market has been constantly changing, facing new challenges and taking new opportunities. With the development of digital technology, an emphasis put on environment and sustainability, and requirements of designing bigger and better wind turbines, offshore vessels’ operators and owners need to adjust themselves to the market and keep up with current trends and demands.

    ACI’s 6th edition of Operating Specialist Wind Vessels Summit will bring together senior executives and experts from ship owners, ship operators, wind turbines’ manufacturers, naval architects, and technology companies, market analysts, among others, to discuss the latest innovations, challenges and developments within the offshore wind industry.

    The two days event will give you an insight into the development of non-established markets, a demand on bigger wind turbines and requirement of bigger installation vessels, digitalization, environmental standards, crew maintenance and many more.

    Key Topics 2019 Include

    • Responding To Today’s Challenges Within The Wind Vessels’ Market: Focusing On The Global Overview Of New Trends And New Markets
    • Evaluating The Contracting Principles Within The Wind Vessels’ Market
    • Focusing On Offshore Installation Vessels And Challenges Faced By The Wind Vessels’ Operators
    • Elaborating On Transfer Systems And Predictability Of Services
    • Assessing The Future Requirements And Maintenance Of Wind Turbines
    • Elaborating On The Crew Maintenance And Training In The View Of Wind Vessels’ Demand
    • Wind Vessels’ Design In Cybersecurity And Digital Context
    • Analysing The Environmental Standards Within The Wind Vessels’ Operations
    • Analysing Future Investments And Evaluating The Ways Of Financing The Offshore Vessels’ Operations
    • Deliberating On Renewable Projects And The Future Of Wind Vessels’ Market

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