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  • Источник: https://tass.com

    2020 July 3

    Chukoka’s all ports on Bering Sea handle cargo for coming winter

    Ports Egvenkinota and Provideniya have received first vessels, which delivered to Chukotka food and equipment for the coming winter, the regional government told TASS on Tuesday. Handling of summer deliveries began at the Bering Sea’s all ports.

    Chukotka is Russia’s most distanced and hard-to-reach region: there are no railway lines there, and most cargoes are delivered by sea. Summer navigation usually begins in June and continues to October. In 2020, the region plans to receive about 6,000 tonnes of food products.

    "This year, the navigation began in early June, and it continues at the Bering Sea’s all ports," the government said. "Practically everything is brought to Chukotka by sea: from food to fuel, and each navigation a port usually handles about 440,000 tonnes of cargo, including about 100,000 tonnes of oil products."

    A state-run company brings to the peninsula practically all the food. Besides, the company produces every year 200-250 thousand tins of deer and pork, about 100 tonnes of food products. Though Chukotka is in the permafrost zone, local farmers grow in greenhouses cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs and squashes. In 2019, they sold 167 tonnes of fresh vegetables.