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Lengiprorechtrans, LLC is a modern multifunctional company, operating on Russian market since Soviet period. Our company deals with projects of any complexity and scale,  providing the highest level of quality. We are engaged in a wide range of services:

  • design of river, sea, cargo, and passenger ports, shipyards, berths for yachts and small crafts, transshipment terminals, hydraulic engineering;
  • infrastructure projects, reconstruction of various facilities, including river and marine transport, industrial, civil, public and residential ones;
  • fitting out of river and marine transport, industrial and civil facilities;
  • development and implementation of IT projects at the river and sea transport, industrial and civil sector.

Our Institute is the successor of Lengiprorechtrans institute established in 1931. In 1993 due to privatization, Institute was renamed to OOO Inproektrechtrans (Inproektrechtrans, LLC). In 2011 for Institute’s 80-years anniversary the former name was returned: Lengiprorechtrans.

Since the time of foundation and till early 1990s the Institute had been engaged in complex design of river and sea ports, piers, embankments including whole infrastructure: terminals, hotels, residential and industrial buildings, warehouses and other facilities throughout the Soviet Union and abroad.

Since 1990s and till now in addition to the Institute’s basic specialization, non-hydrotechnical industrial and residential design was added.

In modern period the Institute successfully performed a number of major design projects for different purposes:

  • Sea trading port Ust-Luga facilities: timber and metal cargos loading, aluminum transshipment, grain, chemical fertilizers, general cargos loading;   
  • Sea port of Saint Petersburg. Second district. Pier 28 with open warehouse in the rear;
  • Metal constructions and hulls storage located on the territory of Nevskiy shipyard;
  • Multimodal transport and logistics hub in Rostovskiy universal port;
  • Passenger piers on Neva River in river Utka area;
  • Technical rearmament of manufacture and reconstruction of ship launching facility for purposes of ship construction with maximum ship parameters: length up 100 meters, launching weight up to 2700 tons for Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard.


Complex design of non-hydrotechnical industrial and residential facilities:

  • Wedding celebration house on Gagarin avenue, Saint Petersburg;
  • Metal constructions plant, Saint Petersburg;
  • Laura and Aurora auto centers, Saint Petersburg;
  • Laboratory building for FSKN on Zagorodny avenue, Saint Petersburg;
  • Logistics centers on 45, 56, Salova street, Saint Petersburg;
  • Paint and drying cameras in three workshops for Kirovskiy plant, Saint Petersburg;
  • Fifteen-story apartment building with inbuilt shops in Novo-Devyatkino, Saint-Petersburg;
  • Five-story dormitory building for University of Water Communications;
  • Cable network base with control room on Turukhtannye islands for Lenenergo, Saint Petersburg;
  • Marine services building in sea trading port Ust-Luga, Ust-Luga city;
  • Hotel on Ligovskiy avenue, Saint Petersburg;
  • Office buildings on 3, Rizhskiy avenue/Mira avenue, Saint Petersburg;
  • Office printing factory, Kamennogorsk city;
  • Yacht warehouse for Nevskiy shipyard, Saint Petersburg
  • Nikolskaya refectory;
  • Jagger Club restaurant on 2, Constitucii square, Saint Petersburg;
  • Administrative and domestic building for Korund, LLC, city of Kronshtadt;
  • Industrial and warehouse facilities Severnaya Dolina in Pargolovo, Saint Petersburg;
  • Building repair design project for Nevskiy shipyard, Saint Petersburg;
  • Universal warehouse with administrative and domestic room on 5, Mebelnaya street, Saint Petersburg;
  • Confectionary production building on 43/45 Shkapina street, Saint Petersburg;
  • Business center on 4, Uralskaya street, Saint Petersburg;
  • Business center (class B+) on 5, Aptekarskiy avenue, Saint Petersburg;
  • Warehouse Yanino;
  • Orthodox temple with Sunday school.
  • Development of planning and land survey project of territory bounded by embankment of Obvodny canal, Borovaya street, perspective part of Pod’ezdnoy lane in Frunzenskiy district of Saint Petersburg.
  • Development of design and detailed design documentation for construction of two apartment buildings in Krasnoselskiy region of Saint Petersburg for OOO Novoorlovskiy Kvartal.
  • Development of design project: Engineering and technical facilities of guard system for OAO MZ Arsenal.
  • Design of corvettes superstructure of polymer composite materials with the implementation of the method of infusion technology forming (2nd phase) for Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard.
  • Overhaul of hydrotechnical facilities: piers and ferry to Ludvigshtein island in Vyborg, Leningradskaya region.
  • Project construction performance: Technical rearmament and upgrade of manufacture including construction of site of serial manufacturing and testing of equipment of highly efficient extinguishing system.
  • Project construction performance: Development of branch facility of testing of various multipurpose types of ship fittings for CTSS.
  • Reconstruction and technical rearmament of manufacture of aisles 3-8 of metal shipbuilding block, Harbor crane replacement for Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard.

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