• 2019 October 31

    The fleet hits the gas

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) will become one of the most popular types of fuel in the nearest 15-20 years. However, a number of infrastructure, shipbuilding and regulatory issues are to be solved for its introduction. This and other issues have been discussed at the 3rd “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia” conference.

  • 2019 October 28

    Yury Mikhov: Hydrographic Company completed navigation and hydrographic support in NSR waters

    In his interview with IAA PortNews, Yury Mikhov, General Director of FSUE Hydrographic Company which fell under authority of Rosatom prior to beginning of 2019 navigation season, tells about operation on the Northern Sea Route.

  • 2019 October 25

    Prospects of import substitution in the segment fishing ships

    Full-scale import substitution in the segment of equipment for fishing ships hindered by domination of foreign designs and deficit of information.

  • 2019 October 17

    Towards integration?

    Marine Rescue Service considers it reasonable to establish in Russia a single operator of marine rescue fleet including rescue ships of Rosrybolovstvo (Russian Federal Fisheries Agency) and some ships of the Emergency Situations Ministry. MRS believes that will let reduce the costs and enhance flexibility of rescue operations. Rosrybolovstvo does not support the idea.

  • 2019 October 11

    Import substitution prospects

    The work on RF Government Decree No 719 on import substitution in shipbuilding is underway for the fourth year. However, shipbuilders, ship owners and equipment suppliers have not yet decided if it gives an impetus to Russian industry or presents an extra barrier for fleet development.

  • 2019 October 7

    Lutz Birke: “Hamburg is interested in joint launching of logistics startups with Saint-Petersburg”

    Cargo traffic between Big Port St. Petersburg and Port of Hamburg to grow by 15% in 2019. In his interview with IAA PortNews, Lutz Birke, Chief of Office, Harbour & Innovation, Ministry for Economy, Traffic and Innovation, tells about the search for new logistic schemes including NSR transportation, development of bunkering infrastructure for sustainable fuel, the Elbe river dredging, development prospects and plans on reduction of hazardous emissions from ships.

  • 2019 October 3

    BIMCO President Sadan Kaptanoglu: The entire shipping industry is entering a new era

    In a recent interview with IAA PortNews Şadan Kaptanoğlu, managing director of HI Kaptanoglu Shipping and President of BIMCO told about activities of BIMCO, the leading global shipping association.

  • 2019 October 1

    Sergey Nikitin: Our seafarers are still in high regard in the market

    As it is known, personnel is key. In his interview with IAA PortNews, Director of Sinilga crewing agency Sergey Nikitin tells about training of Russian seafarers, their wages, reliable and non-reliable employers, bureaucratic and legal aspects of crewing as well as activities of related trade unions.

  • 2019 September 25

    Construction of fishing ships in Russia

    RF Ministry of Industry and Trade says construction of over thirty fishing ships has been contracted in Russia with more than 120 ships to be built by 2025. They will replace half of the fleet in this segment.

  • 2019 September 24

    Fleet that supports

    Support fleet in Russia still consists, to a great extent, of obsolete ‘soviet’ series vessels. There is a great demand for tugboats, bunkering ships, icebreakers. Also, classification of vessels is to be revised. Leading international manufacturers are ready to assist in construction of required ships.