• 2017 December 25

    Victor Vovk, Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot

    On financing of inland water ways

    - Increased financing of inland water ways in 2017 allowed for considerable improvement of IWW parameters, ensuring smooth operation of hydraulic engineering structures and prevention of highly negative implications that are possible in the industry amid many years of deficient resources for maintenance of inland water ways, hence the preserved and, at some IWW sections, increased volumes of cargo traffic. That enabled shipping companies continue the programme of shipbuilding and fleet renovation.

    The rules approved by RF Government for making the list of inland water ways will involve the entities of the Russian Federation to expansion of the geography of IWW cargo traffic.

    Besides, Rosmorrechflot continues active work on designing the Bagayevsky and Nizhegorodsky hydrosystems, on optimization of expenses for maintenance of inland water ways. Besides, efforts are underway to develop the programme on construction of advanced dredging fleet for leasing companies starting from 2018.

    The programme for maintenance of navigable waterways for 2018 is to preserve the parameters achieved in 2017.

    Transcript from the joint meeting of the Board and the Public Council of Rosmorrechflot, 22 December 2017.