Onezhsky Shipyard

2019 June 17

15:26 Onezhsky Shipyard launches multifunctional buoy tender for Volga-Baltic Basin

2019 March 15

14:40 Ice-class buoy tender of Project 02780М, named Fortuna, joins Rosmorport’s fleet

2018 December 14

14:49 Onezhsky Shipyard lays down self-propelled hopper barge of Project HB600

2018 October 24

11:22 New ice-class buoy tender joins the fleet of Rosmorport

2018 October 22

13:55 Onezhsky Shipyard delivered ice-class buoy tender named Fortuna

2018 September 27

09:35 Onezhsky Shipyard launches self-propelled hopper Rabochaya

2018 May 4

18:20 Onezhsky shipyard launches ice-class buoy tender of Project 02780М (photo)

2017 December 15

18:20 Onezhsky Shipyard launched self-propelled hopper Silnaya (photo)

2017 November 24

12:12 Lead buoy tender of Project BLV04 build for FSUE Rosmorport is put into operation (photo)

2017 November 17

15:58 Onezhsky shipyard lays down Yury Maslyukov dredger of Damen TSHD 2000 design (photo)

2017 September 6

17:55 Onezhsky shipyard launches ice-class workboat Adis built for FSUE Rosmorport (photo)

2017 June 13

13:38 Onezhsky shipyard launches ice-class workboat of Project ST23WI-M, Kapitan Cheremnykh, built for FSUE Rosmorport (photo)

2017 February 22

09:55 Onezhsky shipyard (Karelia) launches workboat of Project ST23WI-M, Yevgeny Vasilyev, built for FSUE Rosmorport (photo)

2016 December 5

10:23 Flag hoisting ceremony held for Rosmorport’s new ships, Kadosh and Bata (photo)

2016 August 17

18:34 Karelia's Onezhsky Shipyard launches ice-class workboat Bata for Rosmorport (photo release)

2016 April 15

11:11 Damen and Zavod Gidromekhanizatsii advance bids for supply of cutter suction dredger to Onezhsky Shipyard

2015 October 19

11:30 Onezhsky Shipyard completes repairs of Enisey pilot boat

2015 August 26

17:21 Ice class workboat for Rosmorport laid down at Onezhsky Shipyard (graphics)
11:50 Onezhsky Shipyard to build dredging equipment in partnership with Wasa Dredging

2015 August 5

16:38 Onezhsky Shipyard of FSUE Rosmorport completes first stage of repairs of Enisey pilot boat