2019 November 14

15:59 Yevgeny Savkin appointed as General Director of Novyie Kommunalnyie Tehnologii in Ust-Luga port
11:23 Aleksey Rykovanov appointed as General Director of Murmansk Commercial Seaport

2019 November 7

17:06 Darius Šilenskis appointed as the new CEO of KN

2019 October 8

17:52 Aleksey Medvedev appointed Director General of Gazpromneft Marine Bunker

2019 October 4

11:32 Victor Vovk appointed as Deputy Governor of Rostov Region, Transport and Construction

2019 September 28

11:13 Milembe Mateyo appointed Harbour Master of Amsterdam

2019 September 24

17:54 Sergey Frank elected Chairman and Igor Tonkovidov appointed new CEO of Sovcomflot

2019 September 11

11:04 Daniil Buslenko appointed as Harbour Master of Rostov-on-Don seaport

2019 August 22

13:35 Arctic block of Far East Investment and Export Agency headed by Dmitry Fishkin
10:59 HELCOM gets a new Executive Secretary

2019 August 21

11:24 Vasily Boitsov appointed as USC Vice-President for Technological Development

2019 August 9

12:23 HII announces leadership changes at Newport News Shipbuilding

2019 July 29

13:34 Vitaly Gvozdev appointed as General Director of Zvezda Marine Technologies

2019 July 25

14:47 Khasan Likhov appointed as Deputy Head of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency

2019 July 5

10:41 Igor Shakalo elected as Chairman of Baltiysky Zavod BoD

2019 July 3

14:56 Alexey Lazarev appointed Head of RS Branch Office in Italy

2019 July 2

10:33 Mikhail Deryabin appointed as Director of Ship Repair Plant ‘Krasnaya Kuznitsa’

2019 June 24

13:25 Igor Vasilyev appointed as Acting General Director of FTI Rostransmodernizatsiya

2019 June 19

13:45 Igor Sharkov appointed Director of FESCO Branch Office in Vladivostok

2019 June 18

10:52 IBIA board member elected President of the Panama Maritime Chamber

2019 May 27

16:21 Vadim Berezin elected as Chairman of Moscow River Shipping Company BoD

2019 April 17

10:45 Yury Gilts appointed as Managing Director of Volga Shipping Company

2019 April 15

17:49 ABP Southampton announced appointment of Craig Barbour as new General Manager for Landside Operations

2019 April 2

13:25 Aleksey Yushchenko appointed Acting Director of Sedov Water Transport Institute

2019 March 26

12:46 Sergey Karataev appointed General Director of Freight One JSC

2019 March 21

13:24 Andrei Chibis appointed Acting Governor of Murmansk Region

2019 February 26

13:27 Dmitry Kirillov appointed as Head of Federal Water Resources Agency
11:23 Mustafa Kashka appointed as General Director of FSUE Atomflot

2019 February 6

11:09 Arctic issues at the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East will be supervised by Aleksandr Krutikov

2019 January 31

15:01 Ilya Gudkov steps down from his post as General Director of FTI Rostransmodernizatsiya

2019 January 25

11:50 Valery Sklyarov appointed as General Director of Sevastopol Sea Port

2019 January 21

12:46 Leonid Mashaev appointed as Acting General Director of “State Customer’s Directorate for Seaborne Transport Development Programmes”

2019 January 16

13:25 Société Générale and MPA Singapore join SEA\LNG Board

2018 December 29

12:19 BoD of Krasnoye Sormovo elects Mikhail Pershin as General Director of the company

2018 December 21

16:49 Kim Höijer appointed Acting CEO of Arctia Ltd.

2018 December 20

14:56 Victor Olersky proposed to head MariNet Working Group of the National Technology Initiative

2018 December 12

11:49 Yury Trutnev appointed as head of revised State Commission for Arctic Development

2018 December 10

16:33 Konstantin Ponomarev appointed as head of RS Nuclear Ships Branch

2018 November 27

12:39 Vladimir Bazhenov appointed Director of Zvyozdochka’s Sevastopol unit

2018 November 20

16:47 Rashid Sharipov as Chairman of the Board of Directors NCSP BoD

2018 November 9

12:00 ESPO re-elects Eamonn O’Reilly as Chairman

2018 October 15

14:17 Andrey Shunin appointed as General Director of Caspian Energy Management

2018 October 5

15:55 Aleksey Semyonov appointed Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

2018 October 4

09:59 Alexander Beglov appointed Acting Governor of St Petersburg

2018 October 1

16:29 Petter Ruda appointed as CFO of ESL Shipping

2018 September 28

13:33 Andrey Tarasenko appointed as Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot

2018 September 27

11:22 Sakhalin Governor Oleg Kozhemyako appointed Acting Governor of Primorye Territory

2018 September 26

17:55 Yury Kostin to head RF Transport Ministry’s Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport

2018 September 7

17:10 Vadim Malov appointed General Director of MNP Group
10:55 Anatoly Lazarev appointed General Director of Port Management Company

2018 September 4

10:21 AO Vostochny Port appoints Vadim Baibak as Managing Director of the company

2018 August 30

13:19 Yury Borisov appointed as head of RF Government’s Marine Board

2018 August 10

13:25 Vasily Strugov appointed Deputy General Director for Fleet of FSUE Rosmorport

2018 August 9

12:18 Alexey Khaydukov elected President of PAO Novoship

2018 August 3

17:48 Marina Dedyushko appointed as Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East
17:03 Sergey Tyrtsev appointed as First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East

2018 August 2

10:35 Aleksandr Novak elected as Chairman of Transneft’s BoD

2018 July 26

11:55 Dmitry Pristanskov, Head of Federal Agency for State Property Management, appointed Chairman of NCSP BoD

2018 July 24

17:16 Vyacheslav Ruksha appointed as Deputy Director General of Rosatom, Director of NSR Directorate

2018 July 12

13:33 Sergey Grechishnikov, Production Director of ZNT Yard will be appointed as Managing Director of the company