2019 November 27

11:15 Aleksandr Poshivai appointed as Acting Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2019 September 18

17:48 Russia’s Rosmorrechflot and Ministry of Industry and Trade develop preferential leasing programme

2019 September 17

19:06 Rosmorrechflot’s shipbuilding order for coming six years foresees construction of 147 vessels

2019 August 2

12:54 Rosmorrechflot issues permit for land reclamation under LUGAPORT project

2019 July 8

10:41 Rosmorrechflot set to build 2-3 conventional training ships

2019 April 23

12:18 Nizhny Novgorod water development project task team eases most of environmental concerns

2019 March 5

12:33 Zakhary Dzhioyev appointed as Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot
11:54 Nadezhda Zhikhareva released from her position as Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot

2019 January 29

18:06 Rosmorrechflot suggests obliging companies controlled and supported by the state to deploy Russian-flagged ships

2018 November 20

11:54 Concession agreement signed for construction of coal terminal “Lavna”

2018 September 26

17:55 Yury Kostin to head RF Transport Ministry’s Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport

2018 August 27

10:48 Russia’s Transport Ministry releases approval of service rules in merchant shipping

2018 August 3

17:36 Yury Tsvetkov appointed as Deputy Transport Minister of Russia – Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2018 July 2

10:41 Nadezhda Zhikhareva appointed as Acting Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2018 June 22

17:29 RF Government approves resignation of Victor Olersky

2018 June 20

10:45 Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant completed the series of six boom-laying boats

2018 May 23

17:00 Rosmorrechflot comes out for replacement of shipbuilding subsidies with cheap financing

2018 April 27

17:51 Yaroslavsky Shipyard launches the last in the series of six boom-laying boats (photo)

2018 March 26

16:35 Akademik Lomonosov FPU to be towed to Murmansk in May 2018, to Pevek – by August 2019

2018 February 13

12:44 Rosmorrechflot issues list of hazardous cargoes banned from transportation in water areas of Russian cities hosting World Cup 2018
11:30 Rosmorrechflot defines parameters of temporary restrictions for navigation in water areas of eight Russian cities hosting World Cup 2018

2018 January 9

11:00 Rosmorrechflot issues new list of documents to be available at ships from 1 January 2018

2017 December 22

12:41 Rosmorrechflot suggests building 20 dredgers for Russia’s IWW by 2030

2017 December 19

09:41 Rosmorrechflot established order and time frames for operation of Russia’s IWWs in navigation 2018

2017 November 7

17:23 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot takes delivery of two boom-laying boats (photo)

2017 November 1

15:38 Rosmorport invites bids for a construction contract to build Pionersky Cruise Terminal worth RUB 7.3 bn

2017 October 18

14:20 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot handles large-size equipment for RPK Nord (photo)

2017 October 5

10:59 Victor Olersky dismissed Andrei Tarasenko, Director General of FSUE Rosmorport, due to a transfer to another appointment

2017 October 4

10:24 Rosmorport declared Rosmorrechflot as proper defendant in USK Most’s claim for recovery of arrears in respect of Sabetta construction

2017 August 18

14:26 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot congratulates the team of UCL Holding on the group’s 10th anniversary!

2017 August 8

13:40 Court puts former Rosmorrechflot senior executive behind bars

2017 August 2

10:31 Rosmorrechflot: throughput at Russia's Northwestern ports to grow by 60 million tonnes by 2020‎

2017 August 1

10:12 Rosmorrechflot: Icebreakers base in St. Petersburg to be operational in 3Q 2017

2017 June 30

14:44 Throughput of Russian ports in 2017 will near 800 mln t – RF Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov

2017 June 20

12:58 Sovcomflot re-elects the Board of Directors

2017 May 19

17:01 Mitigation of negative impact on environment and optimization of construction costs considered at Rosmorrechflot’s meeting on Bagayevsky hydrosystem
16:32 Rosmorrechflot appoints Magomed Abdulatipov as head of FSBI Caspian Sea Ports Administration

2017 April 21

16:06 Active search of crewmembers of dry cargo ship Geroi Arsenala is over in the Black Sea

2017 April 12

13:13 Sergei Safonichev appointed as head of Azov Sea Ports Administration (photo)

2017 March 22

15:00 Rosmorrechflot appoints Harbour Masters of Dikson and Dudinka ports

2017 January 18

10:14 Victor Olersky congratulates Novoship on its 50th anniversary

2016 December 12

11:19 Moscow Arbitration Court upholds FAS decision on violation of anti-monopoly legislation by Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot and Rosnefteflot

2016 November 24

13:19 Rosmorrechflot says financing of Russia’s inland water ways will be increased by 30% in 2017

2016 November 16

15:20 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot takes delivery of lead firefighting tugboat of Project TG-17 (photo)

2016 November 1

11:54 Baltic Fuel Company obtains final permit from Rosmorrechflot for construction of Turukhtanniye Islands terminal in SPb

2016 July 1

14:26 Rosmorrechflot says Russia needs about 360 river and sea/river newbuilds by 2020

2016 June 9

09:39 Nadezhda Zhikhareva appointed as Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot

2016 April 12

10:26 BFC and Rosmorrechflot sign agreement on creation of land plot at Turukhtanniye Islands terminal in Saint-Petersburg

2016 March 31

09:43 Rosmorrechflot questions the competence of some Harbour Masters

2016 March 22

15:35 SPB Marine to deliver engines for diving boat of Rosmorrechflot’s Sea Rescue Service

2016 February 10

09:37 Victor Olersky takes up a post of Deputy Minister of Transport – Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2016 January 22

17:24 Sergei Gorelik leaves the post of Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot

2015 December 25

15:41 Russian Govt decides to merge deputy transport minister and Rosmorport director functions

2015 December 23

13:23 Rosmorrechflot appoints Andrei Fomin as Harbour Master of Russian IWW's Ob Basin

2015 December 2

12:42 Aleksandr Bogdanov appointed as Director General at Direction of State Contractor of Marine Transport Development Programes (photo)

2015 October 22

16:40 Two floating cranes towed by Rosmorrechflot’s ship from Saint-Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky via NSR (photo)

2015 August 24

13:01 Rosmorrechflot takes delivery of buoy tender of Project 3052 for Volga Basin (photo)

2015 August 10

14:22 RF Government approves appointment of Deputy Transport Minister as Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2015 August 4

10:59 Rosmorrechflot takes into operation buoy tender Gidrotekhnik Lyubimov built for Lena Basin Authority (photo)

2015 July 3

13:56 Rosmorrechflot issues roadmap for re-organization of FSUE Rosmorport into a Federal State-Funded Institution