Nevsky Shipyard

2019 October 18

14:49 Main engines loaded onto lead ship of PV22 project at Nevsky Shipyard

2019 October 4

13:29 President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation visited Nevsky Shipyard

2019 October 3

17:15 Turkmenistan delegation visited Nevsky Shipyard

2019 September 13

17:24 Multipurpose ship of Project MPSV12, Kalas, successfully completed sea trials

2019 August 21

14:55 Multipurpose small-draft salvage ship of MPSV12 project left for sea trials

2019 August 9

17:29 Nevsky Shipyard outfitting third dry bulk carrier 7678 dwt Pola Gali of Project RSD59

2019 July 4

15:10 Akademik Pashin tanker successfully completed final stage of flight tests

2019 June 26

12:00 Nevsky Shipyard certified in “Military Register” Voluntary Certification System

2019 April 4

10:58 Nevsky Shipyard lays down second cargo-passenger vessel of PV22 project

2019 April 1

10:44 Technical acceptance certificate signed for rescue tug Bakhtemir of Project MPSV12 built by Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot

2019 March 12

17:43 Nevsky Shipyard lays down lead cargo-passenger vessel of Project PV22 for Sakhalinleasingflot

2019 February 15

13:59 Nevsky Shipyard starts cutting metal for cargo-passenger ship of PV22 project

2018 December 25

15:15 Nevsky Shipyard to build an LNG-powered ro-ro ferry for Ust-Luga – Baltijsk line

2018 November 15

16:30 Nevsky Shipyard launched dry cargo vessel of Project RSD59 «Pola Anfisa»

2018 November 13

17:11 Nevsky Shipyard takes part in «Transport of Russia» exhibition

2018 October 15

11:55 Nevsky Shipyard took part in Offshore Marintec Russia

2018 September 25

11:32 Nevsky Shipyard takes part in «Marintec Offshore Russia» exhibition

2018 September 19

12:29 Nevsky Shipyard took part in II International Fishery Forum and Expo 2018

2018 September 13

13:33 The Akademik Pashin tanker delivered to Kronshtadt

2018 August 17

17:51 Nevsky Shipyard continues testing of unique replenishment system
13:58 Nevsky Shipyard wins contract for Arc4 passenger/freight vessel duo to be deployed on Sakhalin-Kurils route

2018 July 5

15:55 Nevsky Shipyard launched dry cargo vessel of Project RSD59 «Pola Anatolia»

2018 May 18

15:11 Nevsky Shipyard starts sea trials of medium sea tanker of project 23130 (photo)

2018 May 10

17:26 Metal cutting for 5th dry-cargo vessel of Project RSD59 took place at Nevsky Shipyard

2018 April 13

17:34 Nevsky Shipyard takes part in V International conference "Russian shipbuilding. Global trends"

2018 March 30

16:41 Nevsky Shipyard started mooring trials of salvage tug Beysug

2018 March 20

17:25 Nevsky Shipyard designed a unique test stand

2018 February 19

14:53 Nevsky Shipyard prepares the Akademik Pashin to test underway replenishment capabilities

2018 January 19

16:50 Nevsky Shipyard congratulates North-Western Shipping Company on its 95th anniversary!

2017 December 6

12:20 Nevsky Shipyard delivers dry cargo vessel of Project RSD49, Pola Sevastiana (photo)

2017 November 30

21:00 Nevsky Shipyard launched fourth MPSV12 tug-salvage vessel (photo)

2017 November 27

09:57 Nevsky Shipyard started sea trials of dry cargo vessel Pola Sevastiana
09:33 Tug-salvage vessel Piltun rolled out to open slipway at Nevsky Shipyard

2017 October 25

14:47 Nevsky Shipyard started mooring trials of the dry cargo vessel "Pola Sevastiana"

2017 September 20

16:14 Nevsky Shipyard took part in the International Fishery Forum

2017 September 5

12:22 Nevsky Shipyard takes part in the First International Fishery Forum

2017 August 18

11:38 Nevsky Shipyard congratulates the team of UCL Holding with the group’s 10th anniversary!

2017 July 21

10:58 Academic Pashin tanker underwent inclining experiment at Nevsky Shipyard

2017 July 3

13:28 IAA PortNews offers a photo release from the ceremony of launching dry cargo vessel Pola Sevastiana at Nevsky Shipyard

2017 June 29

15:22 Nevsky Shipyard launches dry cargo vessel of Project RSD 49, Pola Sevastiana (photo)

2017 June 26

14:38 Nevsky Shipyard will launch dry cargo vessel of Project RSD 49 on 29 June 2017 (photo)
09:37 Nevsky Shipyard starts mooring trials of salvage tug Kalas

2017 June 1

15:53 Nevsky Shipyard launches tug-salvage vessel “Beysug” (photo)

2017 May 30

12:19 Nevsky Shipyard laid the keel of the second dry-cargo vessel of the RSD59 project

2017 May 22

18:33 Nevsky Shipyard laid a new dry-cargo vessel of the project RSD59

2017 May 18

10:47 Nevsky Shipyard transfers Arc 5 rescue tug Beysug from a boathouse to an open slipway (photo)

2017 May 4

12:10 Newbuild dry cargo vessel “Atameken” left Nevsky Shipyard for the port of Aktau, Kazakhstan (photo)

2017 April 18

18:05 Nevsky Shipyard takes part in the international exhibition in Baku

2017 April 14

14:29 Nevsky Shipyard starts building a series of five dry-cargo vessels RSD59 project

2017 March 31

16:53 Nevsky Shipyard received first package of bank guarantees from Bank «Rossiya»

2017 January 26

15:10 Nevsky Shipyard will build five dry-cargo vessels of Project RSD59 for Paula Rise (gaphics)

2017 January 16

17:40 The first batch of rolled Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine is sent on the dry cargo ship RSD49 project "Zhibek Zholy"

2016 November 29

17:21 Rescue tug Kalas launched at Nevsky Shipyard (photo)

2016 November 25

11:05 Rolling out of Arc 5 multipurpose shallow-draft rescue tug Kalas held at Nevsky Shipyard (photo)

2016 October 6

15:00 Nevsky Shipyard launches dry cargo vessel Atameken, Project RSD49, for Kazakhstan (photo)

2016 August 19

17:07 First ship of MPSV12 series 'Bakhtemir' launched at Nevsky Shipyard

2016 August 15

18:21 First ship of MPSV12 series 'Bakhtemir' to be launched shortly at Nevsky Shipyard

2016 July 13

09:27 IAA PortNews covers the launching of dry cargo vessel Zhibek Zholy at Nevsky Shipyard in its photo release

2016 July 12

13:56 Dry cargo fleet of Kazakhstan will number 20 units by 2020
13:12 Dry cargo vessel ZHIBEK ZHOLY built for KTZ Express Shipping launched at Nevsky Shipyard (photo)