2019 March 27

13:56 Port Bronka put into operation six Novatech roll trailers

2018 December 4

11:14 RZD Logistics offers alternative route for container transit from China to Europe via Bronka

2018 November 7

13:01 Samskip implements Winter Surcharge to and from St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga and Bronka

2018 October 4

15:50 MSCC Bronka to offer bunkering of vessels with LNG

2018 August 27

17:04 Port Bronka expands its Konecranes handling equipment fleet

2018 August 2

14:04 Bronka’s fleet of handling equipment expanded with two diesel fork-lift loaders

2018 April 18

16:16 RZD Logistics and Fenix will develop transit cargo transportation via port Bronka (photo)

2018 April 11

15:55 Port Bronka starts creation of a customs warehouse

2018 April 5

10:15 MSCC Bronka (Big Port St. Petersburg) handled the first of Finnlines’ lengthened vessels (photo)

2018 March 1

09:59 United Grain Company is in negotiations on building a grain terminal in Bronka or Primorsk

2017 December 7

16:16 Port Bronka presents railway-yard project for Russia to take over dry bulk cargo flows (photo)

2017 November 17

13:45 MSCC Bronka set to increase its heavy cargo transshipment capacity

2017 November 1

10:00 CMA CGM implements Winter Surcharge for imports into St Petersburg, Ust-Luga & Bronka (Russia)

2017 October 5

09:59 Innovative container KOTTA intended for application at MSCC Bronka underwent successful testing (photo)

2017 September 8

11:01 MSCC Bronka plans its container throughput to double this year, to 75,000 TEUs
09:33 First call of Kaliningrad-Bronka container line is expected in October 2017

2017 September 7

17:47 IAA PortNews offers photo release of MSCC Bronka welcoming СOSCO’s LIAN HUA SONG
15:40 MSCC Bronka welcomed СOSCO’s LIAN HUA SONG that passed the Northern Sea Route (photo)

2017 August 17

17:17 MSCC Bronka to purchase one more LHM 800 SWL crane of 302 t in capacity

2017 August 14

15:56 MSCC Bronka transshipped a batch of hopper wagons for the Republic of Guinea

2017 August 7

15:17 MSCC Bronka beefs up its forklifts fleet at Ro-Ro terminal‎

2017 August 1

12:52 ‎Transport Minister calls for further expansion of Bronka port's rail infrastructure‎ capacity

2017 July 17

14:05 MSCC Bronka welcomes first containers of NYK Line (photo)

2017 July 6

11:49 Tall ship Mir moored at MSCC Bronka (photo)

2017 July 5

17:11 First batch of low-tonnage Foton chassis delivered to MSCC Bronka (photo)
15:57 Bronka expands its fleet of fork-lift loaders

2017 July 4

09:55 IAA PortNews performs experiment on having package cargo delivered and cleared at MSCC Bronka (photo)

2017 June 16

15:42 Commissioning permit obtained for access canal and water area of MSCC Bronka (photo)

2017 June 13

12:49 MSCC Bronka introduces a technology for transshipment of heavy weight from ships to multiaxial railway conveyors (photo)

2017 June 5

09:44 Naming ceremony for world’s largest LNG tanker Christophe de Margerie held at port Bronka (photo)

2017 May 31

13:19 MSCC Bronka welcomes first containers of COSCO Shipping Lines (photo)

2017 May 2

09:38 MSCC Bronka acknowledged as strategic investment project of Saint-Petersburg

2017 April 18

14:29 MSCC Bronka shares its development plans at TransRussia exhibition

2017 March 22

13:33 Port Bronka sees promising possibilities in containerization of dry bulk cargo

2017 March 20

16:07 New Regulations of Big Port St. Petersburg set permissible draft of 13 m taking into account the capabilities of port Bronka

2017 March 15

14:21 Port Bronka starts testing innovative container for dry bulk cargo (photo)

2017 March 13

12:18 Port Bronka equips its terminal with a multi-purpose lifting beam for transshipment of project cargo (photo)

2017 March 9

16:08 «Finnlines» changes port in St.Petersburg from the Sea port of St.Petersburg to the port Bronka

2016 December 19

11:51 Phase II of MSCC Bronka is put into operation (photo)

2016 December 16

16:22 MSCC Bronka is developing successfully, says RF Transport Ministry

2016 December 9

10:57 BLG Logistics Automobile SPb and LLC Fenix “Port Bronka” sign long lasting cooperation agreement

2016 November 30

12:33 Bronka reports on completion of project’s Phase I and access canal dredging (photo)

2016 November 28

14:52 Bronka included into new OPDR service Casablanca – Agadir –Rotterdam – Saint-Petersburg

2016 November 24

15:47 Logistic center for oversize/overweight cargo to be established in Bronka

2016 November 8

18:03 Development of Bronka’s railway infrastructure is among priorities of Saint-Petersburg transport and logistics

2016 October 14

17:00 Heavy-lift cargo weighing 335 t transshipped at Berth No 1 of MSCC Bronka (photo)

2016 October 5

11:07 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approves the amended project of MSCC Bronka

2016 September 30

11:33 Port representatives from Hamburg Metropolitan Region hold very satisfactory discussions during Port Evening in St. Petersburg

2016 September 29

17:23 First line ship of Northern Shipping Company calls at port Bronka (photo)

2016 September 7

15:08 Bronka operator Fenix LLC obtains a license for handling of hazardous cargoes (document)

2016 September 1

17:31 Baltic Customs’ e-declaration center operates without limitation from September 1, 2016 (photo)

2016 August 2

10:46 Customs point is now operational at MSCC Bronka (photo)

2016 July 28

17:12 Port Bronka handles first vessel of China COSCO which delivered oversized and heavy equipment (photo)

2016 July 13

15:40 Throughput of MSCC Bronka reached 13,800 TEUs in HI’2016

2016 July 8

16:46 Phase 1 of MSCC Bronka’s access channel and water area is put into operation (map)

2016 June 3

16:42 Gazpromneft Marine Bunker performs first bunkering operation at port Bronka

2016 June 1

11:47 LNG Gorskaya is in negotiations on arranging and supply of fuel for Hamburg - Bronka (Saint-Petersburg) ferry service (photo)

2016 May 30

16:53 Port Bronka welcomes first passengers (photo)

2016 May 18

12:28 Port Bronka welcomes regular ro-ro/passenger ferry Finnstar owned by Finnlines (photo)

2016 May 10

14:43 Baltic Customs to be in charge of e-Declaration Centre in Bronka Port