2019 December 12 12:49

Throughput of port Primorsk in Jan-Nov’2019 grew by 16% Y-o-Y to 56.25 million tonnes

In January-November, the port of Primorsk handled 56,254,900 tonnes of cargo, up 16%, year-on-year. According to the port authority, crude oil transshipment increased by 26%, year-on-year, to 43,918,700 tonnes.

In the reporting period, transshipment of oil products fell by 9% to 12,336,200 tonnes.

In 2018, the port handled 53.48 million tonnes, down 7% Y-o-Y.

Port Primorsk is Russia’s largest oil port in the Baltic Sea. It is the final stage of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS). The port is located in the Leningrad Region, on the eastern coast of the Bjyerkezund Strait (Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea).