2019 April 25 10:08

Zelenodolsk Shipyard hosts keel-laying ceremony for 10th Grachonok-class special purpose boat

Tatarstan, Russia based Zelenodolsk Shipyard named after A.M. Gorky (part of AK BARS Group) on Wednesday, April 24, held an official keel-laying ceremony for tenth in a series of special purpose boats of Project 21980 designed to combat sabotage and terrorist threats. The Project 21980 boat was designed by Nizhny Novgorod based Vympel Design Bureau, the shipbuilding company said.

Among the official guests who took part in the solemn keel authentication ceremony were: Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Mingaleyev, head of the Executive Committee of the Zelenodolsk Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan Dmitry Sapozhnikov, CEO of AK BARS HOLDING Ivan Egorov, and interim general director of Zelenodolsk Shipyard Vyacheslav Podoksik. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Vympel Design Bureau, contracting organizations, personnel and veterans of the shipbuilding company.

Zelenodolsk Shipyard has built the 21980 series boats for 11 years now. The special purpose boats of Grachonok-class were designed to protect the waters off naval bases of the Russian Navy and to assist Border Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia. Modern equipment and excellent seaworthy characteristics enable them to perform a wide range of tasks that ships of greater displacement usually do.

Zelenodolsk Shipyard has built the Crachonok-class serial vessels since 2008. To date, nine boats have been delivered to the State Customer and commissioned into service with the Russian Navy fleet.
Boats of this project are equipped with modern radio electronic armament (hydroacoustic station for detecting underwater sabotage forces and means “Anapa”, navigation radar MR-231, optical-electronic complex for lighting near air and surface conditions MTK-201 M3) and means for detecting underwater objects (search survey complex "Kalmar"). There is diving equipment on board the boats.

General characteristics:
Displacement – about 140 tonnes
Dimensions: length – 30 meters, beam – 7.3 meters, draft – 1.8 meters
Full speed – 23 knots
Operational range – 200 miles
Endurance – 5 days
Complement – 6.
Armament: one 14.5-mm machinegun mount, one DP-64 anti-terror grenade launcher, one DP-65 anti-terror grenade launcher, four self-defense antiaircraft missiles Igla
Radioelectronics: MR-231 navigation radar, Calmar sonar, Anapa dipped sonar

Tatarstan-based OJSC Zelenodolsk Plant named after M. Gorky, specializes in the construction of warships and passenger high-speed vessels. The enterprise is managed by AK BARS HOLDING.