2019 April 23 10:51

RZD president slams proposal to ban the rail transport discounts during inland navigation period

Oleg Belozerov, President of Russian Railways (RZD), head of the Commission of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) chaired the RSPP Commission meeting in Moscow that addressed the current condition of the country’s inland transport. Speaking at the meeting he opposed the proposal to ban the RZD policy of discounts on freight transportation by the state rail operator during periods of inland navigation.

The RZD president said that restricting competition between different modes of transport by non-market methods would be “inconsistent”, the IAA PortNews correspondent quoted Mr. Belozerov as saying.

Instead, he urged to think about whether the country’s economy needs unprofitable transportation routes by inland transport.
Oleg Belozerov also noted that the inland shipping sector competing with rail transport may be in demand during the periods of rail infrastructure overhaul.

The inland shipping sector stakeholders believe that the RZD discounts on freight transport during river navigation is one of the important factors impeding the development of inland waterway transport and the renewal of existing fleet.