2018 July 17 13:41

Severnaya Verf will lay down a longline factory vessel Gandvik-1 on July 20

Severnaya Verf shipyard (Saint-Petersburg) says it will lay down a longline factory vessel of Project МТ Severnaya Verf 1112XL, Gandvik-1, for the fishing fleet of Karelia on 20 July 2018.

The ceremony will be attended by representatives of the Federation Council, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Fishery Agency, Government of Saint-Petersburg and Republic of Kerelia, USC, Fishing Company “Virma”, Severnaya Verf shipyard.

A longline factory vessel features high-technology and ecological fishing method with automated installation and hauling lines, with equipment for complete, non-waste processing and storage of the catch directly on board the ship. The longliner reference design documents was developed by Norway based Marin Teknikk AS.

The vessel’s displacement is over 2,000 tonnes, length -  58.6 meters, width - 13 meters 

Severnaya Verf shipyard (corporate member of United Shipbuilding Corporation) is among leading shipbuilding companies of Russia’s defence industry. The company was founded on November 14, 1912, as Putilovskaya Shipyard. Since then the shipbuilding company has built more than 600 warships and commercial vessels, including cruisers, destroyers, minesweepers, patrol vessels and submarines destroyers, research and passenger vessels, timber cargo carriers, trawlers, container ships and Ro-Ro vessels, tugboats and floating docks. The shipyard’s backlog of orders currently includes the series of frigates, corvettes and other vessels.

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