• 2019 March 3 16:10

    Port of Ferrol hosts first ever truck-to-ship LNG bunkering operations

    Two ecological ferries, which were recently built in Turkey, stopped in Ferrol to stock up on liquefied natural gas on their way to the Norwegian fjords, where they will have their base. The ships have received 178 cubic meters of fuel from five tanks filled by Repsol in the terminal of Reganosa, APFSC said in its news release.

    For the first time in its history, the port of Ferrol has hosted liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling operations to ships that use this product as fuel, instead of fuel oil or diesel oil. The two truck-to-ship LNG bunkering operations were performed on Saturday and on Sunday respectively. They were carried out on the outer jetty, which is the dock of the inner dock where small and medium-sized cruise ships usually dock when they visit the city.

    Liquefied natural gas is 40% cheaper than fuel oil and much more efficient from the environmental point of view. It reduces by 100% the emissions of sulfur oxide and particles, by 90% those of nitrogen oxide and in 20% those of carbon dioxide. These characteristics are of great importance since the implementation of the so-called ECA zones in northern Europe, where ships have limited emissions of gases into the atmosphere and are no longer allowed to use conventional fuels.

    The ships that received the supply are the ferries Samnøy and Huftarøy, which have just been built in the Turkish shipyard – Tersan. They stopped in Ferrol on the 23rd and 24th respectively. They were on their way to the Norwegian fjords, where they will be exploited in passenger services by the Torghatten Nord shipping company. With a length of 134 meters and a width of 21m, both vessels have been designed to transport up to 545 people and up to 180 vehicles. Their propulsion systems enables them to operate in a more ecological way.

    The LNG bunkering operations were performed by Repsol, which used five tankers (three on Saturday and two on Sunday) that had previously been filled with LNG at the Reganosa terminal.

    The Samnøy received about 110 cubic meters of fuel whereas the Huftarøy was supplied with 68 cubic meters. A total of 178 cubic meters were transferred in simple, safe and clean operations.

    The European Commission has laid out the objective so that ports of general interest can provide LNG supply service. This is expected to be of great importance from the next decade. However, there are very few that are capable of performing such operations in Spain at the moment. Ferrol has the advantage of having a terminal like Reganosa in its port. In addition, the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao was a pioneer in the study of measures to develop this supply, in partnership with the aforementioned company, together with Navantia as well as the operator of the container terminal of the outer port. Indeed, the container ship fleet is expected to have a large growth in the use of LNG as fuel. The number of ships propelled with this fuel is currently increasing in this segment at an annual rate of 15-20%.

    According to José Manuel Vilariño, president of the Port Authority, “Ferrol is very well positioned to attract customers of this kind of supply operations.  It has LNG available in its port and is located in a strategic location, at the gates of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. These areas have been declared ECA zones and have their gas emission rates limited by maritime transport”. Therefore, ships must change the fuel oil for another type of fuel with a low content of pollutants, such as natural gas.

    In addition, Reganosa is working to convert Ferrol into a LNG hub of the Iberian northwest, thereby adapting its Mugardos facilities to the new challenge of small-scale liquefied natural gas traffic. The Parliament of Galicia itself has fully supported this project as an strategic step forward.

    Vilariño has also stressed that “the implementation of LNG as a marine fuel can benefit the city– due to its traffic increase – as well as several operators in the port of Ferrol. It will also favor the consolidation of Navantia as a world reference shipyard for the gas fleet. Hence our keen interest in leading this process in the Iberian northwest. “

2019 May 24

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17:49 Hannu Ylärinne appointed COO and Executive Vice President of Arctia Group having retained his position as CEO of Meritaito
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17:11 NOVATEK obtains new licenses on Krasnoyarsk Territory
17:02 CMA CGM launches the Reefer Pharma division for the temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceutical products
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15:53 Ambal ferry returns to Baltijsk-Ust-Luga line after scheduled maintenance
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14:59 Port of Tallinn got acknowledged as socially responsible company
14:01 Port Houston volume up nine percent year-over-year
13:50 Feodor Shishlakov appointed head of Volgo-Baltic Administration
13:22 PSA, PFR and IFM investors jointly acquire DCT Gdańsk
12:18 ASI Marine develops an alternative safe method for surveying in hazardous high flow areas.
12:00 Lotos shipyard launches Peotr Veliky, cruise ship of Project PV300VD
11:37 New tugboat built by Damen to expand port fleet of Nakhodka TSP
11:16 SeaBird announces update on vessel acquistion and contemplated private placement of new shares
11:06 Jotun creates new standard for predictable, long-term antifouling protection with SeaForce and HydractiveTM technology
11:01 Global Ship Lease announces agreement to acquire three containerships
10:45 Russian ship owners got 29 new seagoing commercial ships with total deadweight of 552,400 tonnes in 2018 - CNIIMF
10:24 Brent Crude futures price is up 1.22% to $68.59, Light Sweet Crude – up 1.23% to $58.62
10:11 NORDEN boosts Middle East activities with new 3-year contract
10:09 Royal IHC names 2,300m³ TSHD LESSE
09:58 Rotterdam sends hyper-smart container on trip around the world
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09:16 MABUX: Bunker market this morning, May 23
09:15 Baltic Dry Index is up to 1,068 points
08:50 Bunker prices review at global sea ports, Week 21st, 2019

2019 May 23

18:43 DOF Subsea secures contract in Brazil
18:21 ZIM Q1 2019 revenues rose 6.0% to $796.2M
18:06 MOL to Join Consortium on TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)
17:44 CNIIMF forecasts NSR cargo traffic to reach 100 million tonnes by 2035
17:11 USCG closes case of downed aircraft in Prince William Sound
17:06 Port of Rotterdam sees significant progress in development HES Hartel Tank Terminal
16:55 GOGL announced net loss of $ 7.5M vs net income of $ 23.6M in 1Q 2019
16:30 New digital solution from Rolls-Royce and ZF improves availability and CO2 emissions of ships
16:05 CMA CGM orders 50,000 Traxens trackers
15:23 OCTOMAR Serviços Marítimos takes delivery of Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2206
14:47 RF Navy’s destroyer participated in combat training in the Sea of Japan
13:36 High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini visits ITS Carlo Margottini
13:05 Singapore to host Port Maintenance and Facilities Management Summit on 24-27 September 2019
12:29 Optimarin gears up for retrofit wave with expansion and new hires
12:19 FESCO and Russian Railways launch transit service for delivery of goods from Japan to Europe through Russia
11:43 Bunker prices go up at the Far East ports of Russia (graph)
11:21 Severnaya Verf starts cutting metal for third processing trawler of Project 170701 ordered by NOREBO Group
11:08 Diana Shipping announces time charter contract for m/v Baltimore with Koch
10:26 Brent Crude futures price is down 0.69% to $70.5, Light Sweet Crude – down 0.6% to $61.05
10:08 Port of Antwerp aims for more efficient road transport with night-time opening hours on Right bank of Scheldt
09:57 Kuibyshev reservoir level allows for fleet operation - RF Transport Ministry
09:39 NOVATEK signed MoU with Ninh Thuan Province in Vietnam
09:20 Baltic Dry Index is up to 1,059 points
09:10 MABUX: Bunker market this morning, May 23
09:08 Royal IHC signs contract with Cameroon’s Port Authority of Douala
08:25 Sempra LNG and Aramco Services Company sign heads of agreement for Port Arthur LNG

2019 May 22

18:05 CMA CGM to resume the Bijagos Shuttle service
17:50 RF Government approves rules for collecting port investment dues from ship owners in Russian seaports
17:38 The University of Calabria and Finсantieri ink training agreement
17:05 CMA CGM PAD-Service delivers first Zespri kiwifruits to the port of Zeebrugge