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    2018 September 25

    The Ship of MMP “Zapolyarye” Was Detained in the Spanish Port

    As reported by the International Transport Workers Federation, the ship of Murmansk Shipping Company (MMP) “Zapolyarye”, left without fuel, was detained in the Spanish port of Motril. According to the coordinator of the International Transport Workers Federation, Sergei Fishov, the ship has overdue the necessary register documents, and until the issue is resolved, the port will not give the vessel permission to exit.

    “The vessel” Zapolyarye “was detained in the Spanish port, where it was towed last week from the raid,” he said.

    As previously reported, the Spanish side took the decision to tow the vessel in connection with the unsafe parking lot of the ship, the lack of fuel on board and the overdue documents for the operation of the vessel.

    The ship was on the roadstead of Spanish Ceuta from the middle of July, according to the union, all this time the crew constantly experienced difficulties with water, provisions and fuel.

    A little over a week ago, the shipping company repatriated 11 Russian sailors to their homeland, providing them with a replacement. The issue of bunkering the vessel is still not resolved.