• 2019 August 14


    German Consortium Takes Aim at Fuel Cell Power for Ships

    German industrial conglomerate thyssenkrupp and a consortium of partners are working on a shipboard fuel cell that can run on either diesel or natural gas...

  • 2019 August 2


    Damen: The evolution of bollard pull (and the benefits it has brought)

    In the world of tugs, the most commonly used measure of power is bollard pull. Simply put, bollard pull is the pulling power of a tug, typically measured by the force exerted on a shore-located bollard. “This is the static bollard pull, with a vessel speed of zero knots,” explains André de Bie, Damen Senior Design & Proposal Engineer Tugs. “But of course the situation at sea or in a port is, in general, never static and the speed is almost never zero. This is a dynamic situation and can’t be compared 1:1 with the static bollard pull.”

  • 2019 August 2


    StormGeo offers a course towards data quality

    What has a weather routeing expert got to say about the future of digitalisation across the whole spectrum of shipping operations? Quite a lot, it turned out, when I met Svein Kåre Giskegjerde, vice president for shipping at StormGeo. StormGeo is a Norwegian company with offices worldwide that supplies weather intelligence and other support services across a number of industries worldwide, including shipping, oil and gas and renewable energy. But acquisitions and other agreements have brought it into a larger orbit that embraces fleet management, data handling and digitalisation.

  • 2019 July 26


    Novatek Secures Financing for Arctic LNG 2 Terminal

    Russian energy company Novatek has completed the sale of participation interests in its Arctic LNG 2 terminal near the port of Sabetta...

  • 2019 July 25


    Transneft sets cap on oil contamination compensation, buyers sceptical

    Russian oil pipeline monopoly Transneft on Wednesday set a cap of $15 per barrel on compensation for contamination in its network, drawing scepticism from transit country Belarus and criticism from some buyers that the offer was too low...

  • 2019 July 25


    Russia to begin construction on the China-Western Europe transport corridor

    Once completed, the China-Western Europe transport corridor is meant to be the primary nervous system of the Silk Road Economic Belt...

  • 2019 July 25


    Ukraine Detains Russian Tanker as Black Sea Tensions Flare

    Ukraine detained and searched a Russian tanker near the Black Sea port of Odessa, revisiting a naval standoff from last year that stoked tensions between the two ex-Soviet neighbors...

  • 2019 July 22


    Iran Seizes UK-Flagged Tanker in Strait of Hormuz

    Iranian authorities seized a British-flagged, Swedish-owned oil tanker while transiting the Strait of Hormuz on Friday...

  • 2019 July 16


    Desktop Just-In-Time trial yields positive results in cutting emissions

    ​"Just-In-Time" (JIT) operations have the potential to cut the time ships spend idling outside ports and help reduce harmful emissions as well as save on fuel costs...

  • 2019 July 16


    IMO 2020 Analysis: Practical Guidance from Europe’s Largest Port

    The IMO’s mandate requires ships to burn up to 0.5% (5,000 ppm) sulfur bunker fuel from 1 January 2020...

  • 2019 July 11


    Divining Russia's Intentions in the Arctic

    The Arctic may become a highway and natural resource center in the future. Tensions between NATO states and Russia are already palpable, and are poised to increase...

  • 2019 July 3


    Helsinki Shipyard to build expedition cruisers for new Russian owners

    Recently acquired by new owners after the previous Russian owner fell foul of international sanctions, Helsinki Shipyard has won an order for two luxury expedition cruise ships...