• 2017 October 10

    Deep import substitution

    Despite the challenging period when Russian machine building and shipbuilding survived the crisis of 1990-ies, the country continues developing new dredging technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.

    One of the oldest representatives of this industry, Rybinsk based Zavod Hydromekhanizatsii, has recently designed and started building high-power dredgers of 2 MW and higher, with a state-of-the-art system for automated control of hydraulically operated equipment, as well as high-mobility dredgers for multi-profile hydraulic engineering and dredging operations.

    That equipment is highly competitive with the best global counterparts in terms of technical characteristics and exceeds them in terms of prices being a good example of import substitution. It is widely used by Russian customers and has an export potential.

    Besides, together with a dedicated design bureau Miniboat-Techflot LLC (also a part of HYDROMEC  Group), Zavod Hydromekhanizatsii performed a number of scientific research projects in promising areas. Among them is the development of technology and conceptual designs of dredgers for excavation of silt soils in contaminated water areas like the Gulf of Taganrog. That technology provides for excavation of material without so called ‘dilution’ through application of a patented system of soil suction with further pumping by screw pumps and additional dewatering before off-shore dumping. The technology allows for increasing the efficiency by 30-40% and for compliance with environmental requirements.

    The companies have also developed a technology for dredging at rivers and canals with natural flow through application of directed jet impact in a wide season period.  The technology provides for application of submersible unmanned autonomous / partially-controlled dredgers using natural gravitation and flow of water. In the future, this technology can ensure a breakthrough, both in terms of dredging speed and efficiency, at inland water ways.